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About Tale

Shine like a star

What if the shining stars are alliances?

  • We are founded in 2022 with the shining stars as a team.
  • The star team has qualities of shining in their universe.
  • Not only we are teamed stars, but we also bring worlds together.
  • Like the Mobile world & Web world with the Cloud on top.
Our Vow

Mahendravijay InfoTech as Your Business Partner

We deliver great results for our customers because we know that’s what keeps them coming back to us. That’s why at Mahendravijay InfoTech the focus is always on your needs.

We Deliver on Our Promises
We make realistic commitments to our clients, ensuring we can deliver on our promises
We are Pragmatic
We look realistically at business challenges enabling us to define fit-for-purpose
We are Experts
We know our stuff. We are thought leaders and big on collaboration and sharing
Our goals

In What We Believe

We nourish the business of their software products in the upgrading of emerging technologies, and customer experience.
We build a product which turns into a brand.
We believe that we will make our customers delighted by unlocking the tech features of their software products.
best software company in coimbatore
Works together

We work as united from Ideas to Launch!

We are happy to solve your business and technical problems as a Team.